Answers for the
First-Time Homebuyer

It doesn’t take a special talent or years of experience to find your

“Dream Home”…

BUT it does take having the RIGHT resources to give you the confidence to begin the journey.
Let us help with the tools, tips, and info you need!

Have You Been Dreaming
About Your First Home?

First-time homebuyers have always dreamed about what they want in their first home.

Once they walk through that first Open House, reality sets in and they get to see exactly what a “gently loved” home is.

If you are a young professional, college graduate, newlywed or family

having no experience with home construction or maintenance when it comes to home ownership,

knowledge is the most important factor in the making the right decision about one of the

biggest investments of your life.

Have you wondered…

We Provide Help for the Serious Looker

We’ve walked the journey to buying a home and understand that everyone has different home buying needs. So to meet your need for information, we’ve got 3 different ways for you to get it:

#1: Try our Mobile App

Home Sweet Home Answers “Personal Home Inspection Tool” is a Mobile App downloaded to your Smartphone that goes with you through an Open House as you observe and respond to questions about the property condition.  It’s the most valuable tool in the toolbox as you consider the biggest investment of your life.

#2: Download the ebook

Our “Tips for the First-time Homebuyer” eBook walks you through each step of the home buying process providing worksheets that help you

– calculate the payment you can afford;

– organize the types of documents you’ll need for the bank loan;

– create a moving inventory so you know how big of a moving van (or willing friends) you’ll need;

– and includes an annual home maintenance schedule…plus much more!


Find out what questions you should be asking when you’re looking for your dream home AND get access to our  FREE Guide!

What Our Users Say

First-time home buyers love the information we provide them. See for yourself:


The ebook was a great resource

Helped me keep myself organized as I found my
home, got everything ready for the bank and then moved in. So grateful for this resource!

– Jenni C, Hamburg, NY


As a Single Woman

looking for my first home by myself, I felt confident using the Home Inspection Tool. It helped me to look at far more than just how sweet and cozy the property was. Thank You!

– Maria S, Rochester, NY

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