Buying a home for the first time is a daunting task-

and you’ve probably been to Open Houses but you’re not sure exactly what to look at OR what might present a problem down the road.

Now there’s an answer!

We’ve created a Mobile App called “The Personal Home Inspection Tool” that will walk you through 7 specific areas of the property (the outside, roof, kitchen, bathroom, interior rooms, attic, and basement) prompting you to observe specific items and conditions in the home you are considering.  As you answer the questions in the App with a YES, No or N/A (not applicable), the App will score your inspection observations and provide you with an instant review and an email  summary of your observations to review BEFORE you decide to put in a purchase offer.

For example, you’ll observe if…

  • Gutters & downspouts are draining water away from the house?
  • The roof is the only or first layer?
  • GFI outlets are installed in areas within 6 feet of sinks?
  • The bathroom commode is solid/stable or does it rock?
  • Ceilings show any indications of water leaks?
  • Exhaust or appliance vents fully exit the house?
  • There is any asbestos insulation around heating pipes, water pipes or air ducts?

Don’t just rely on your Uncle or friend to tell you if the house is “good enough” – use the PERSONAL HOME INSPECTION TOOL to score the house from your own observations. (Available in the iPhone APP store and Google Play).

So pick up your SMARTphone and download the Mobile App now to get 2 free tries with the best tool in your toolbox:

Please note:  This tool is an aide for you to be a well-informed home-buyer and consumer.  The Mobile App should not be considered a replacement for employing the services of a Professional Home Inspector as part of the conditions of any Purchase Offer.