You DO need some Professional HELP!




At various times in our lives, we all have to wear our humbleness hat and admit that we do NOT know everything there is to know about EVERYTHING!  Finding and purchasing a home is one of those subjects.  Your Professional Team will include people who have more experience, insight and professional knowledge about the entire process – and selecting people you can have confidence in will make the entire home-buying experience rewarding.


 And the Team Players are ….

You wouldn’t expect a Rock Star to fix your car, so why would you want to walk through one of the biggest transactions of your life by yourself? There are five professionals you need to add to your team: a Realtor, a Mortgage Lender, a Professional Home Inspector, a Real Estate Attorney and an Insurance Agent. Each individual serves a special purpose as an advisor to you – and the information they have from their years of experience is invaluable!


Finding the Team

In all cases, you will want to find a professional whose personality YOU can work with.  Find people who will respect the decisions you have already made with respect to the type of home and size of the mortgage you want and can feel comfortable paying.  You will want to find professionals you feel comfortable not just asking questions of, but feel the answers have been clear and honest. You will also want to feel confident that these individuals will be working on your behalf and looking out for your best interests – the biggest factor is TRUST!


If you feel comfortable with a referral, ask friends and family if they know or have used the services of any of these professionals in their own real estate transactions. Most people in these careers realize that the best way to get NEW clients is to treat former ones like gold!


Once you have those referrals – or even if you’ve just found people in the “yellow pages,” treat your first interaction with them just like an interview. You can see if the professional will be your best choice by how they answer your initial questions. ASK questions – even if you know the answers – to see how they interact with you. I’m sure you will be able to tell in the first few moments if you need to conduct another “interview.”


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