We’ve assembled some of the most frequently asked questions

that HomeSweetHomeAnswers.com has received from our members about the home buying process.

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Q: What initially inspired you to write all this info down?

Actually, it was my personal search process as I tried to find MY OWN very first home!  My Dad was no longer here to walk with me through the process, my husband was my “ex” and because of “foolish pride” I wouldn’t ask any of my guy friends to come along for my Sunday afternoon Open House excursions especially during football season!  I determined that as I looked at all those homes and sorted through the process that I was going to try to make someone else’s journey down the road to homeownership a little less intimidating.  So, there you have it- the eBook is the chronicle of the journey that every homebuyer will go through.  It’s unique because the book is alot of worksheets that not only help you to make decisions (like about what you do and don’t want in a house) and helps keep you organized (with things like a moving inventory and notify list, etc.).  Being organized is the first step toward making the process easy!

Q: What 4 Tools Would you bring to an Open House?

Looking for a home is one of the biggest steps we take as an adult.  We’ve made the decision to start looking – – but WHAT do we bring with us to the Open House to make browsing worthwhile?  Here’s a list of 4 TOOLS you can carry in your pocket every week as you check out those OPEN HOUSE signs around the block … more

Q: How Do I know what I can really afford?

In a perfect world, we’d all like to be able to not ever have to worry about the monthly costs associated with owning a home… but if you’re honest, whether it’s paying rent on an apartment or paying a mortgage, we will all usually have that type of payment for at least the next 30 years.  The real answer is … more

Q: Why do you make a point about assembling a “Professional Team?”

At various times in our lives, we all have to wear our humbleness hat and admit that we do NOT know everything there is to know about EVERYTHING!  Finding and purchasing a home is one of those subjects.  Your Professional Team will include people who have more experience, insight and professional knowledge about the entire process – and selecting people you can have confidence in will make the entire home-buying experience rewarding…. more

Q: Can Anyone Use the Personal Home Inspection Tool?

Well … anyone can use the Mobile App IF they have a Smartphone…. but we realize that most people who have owned a home already are pretty sure they know what they’re looking for in Home #2.  We’ve designed our Mobile App specifically for first-time Homebuyers who really don’t know what to look for in their future Home Sweet Home.  The app can save a first time Homebuyer over $150,000 by helping them to avoid investing in the purchase of a Money Pit that will require repairs and/or remediation that were totally unexpected.  More than than, we know that as this first time homebuyer goes on to buy their Home #2, they will look back at the things they’ve learned from the Personal Home Inspection Tool and this website’s TOOL pages which explain all the WHAT’s to all the WHY’s!

Q: Why should i buy the eBook?

If you’re someone who wants to feel confident about making this kind of huge investment AND wants to stay organized during the home-buying process, this eBook is for you.  Not only is there some good “conversation” about the home buying process but we’ve included some AWESOME worksheets to help you stay organized even after you move.  For example, there’s the Moving Inventory worksheet so you can tell the movers how much “stuff” you have; a list of very important TOOLS every homeowner should have in their toolbox; a DAY 1 worksheet to organize who you need to tell about your change of address and even more surprises!  Sure, you might think of all that– but the eBook can help you keep it all organized so you don’t forget a thing!


Q: Have people who used the Mobile App and e-book had success in finding the "home of their dreams"?

We can’t offer you a guarantee that you’ll find the perfect home as soon as you use the Mobile App or eBook because there is a very long history of people finding their first homes even without our tools – the real question is: after living in the “home of their dreams” for a year, was the homebuyer still satisfied with their decision to buy the house they did.  We know that the individuals who used the Mobile App and the process outlined in our eBook were happier from the time they decided on the purchase – and that’s exactly what our goal was!