If you haven’t already had the experience of looking at a home by using this “first tool” in your toolbox, here are a few tips for making the experience the best piece of equipment you will use in searching for the home of your dreams:


Why do I need to provide the address information in the TOOL?

This is for your reference only – it is a lot easier for you to remember where the house is located if you have the location and some high level info about the property.

How do I know when to select the N/A option?

The N/A option to the left of every question means NOT APPLICABLE. In other words, the question did not pertain to the house you were inspecting. So, for example, if the house didn’t have a basement, answer N/A to each of the questions in the basement section and the calculation model will remove those questions from the scoring for the final report.

What does the green checkmark mean to the right of each question?

The green check mark is an affirmative or YES response to the question.

What does the red X mean to the right of each question?

The red X is the negative or NO response to the question.

How does the scoring for the final report work?

The calculation model removes each N/A question from the total number of questions that you responded to and then does a very simple math calculation to give you the percentage of the remaining questions that were responded to with the red X. These negative responses are things that may concern you or may just be issues you’ll consider as you make your decision on purchasing the right home for you. This TOOL should NEVER be used as the only method for assessing your decision in submitting a purchase offer on a home. It was developed with the intent of helping homebuyers have a tool to bring knowledge and understanding to those who do not have background in construction or homeownership and provide insight into some things that could affect your happiness in the home.

Please note: While some of the items you view may have received an affirmative or YES answer in your inspection, you should NOT assume that they will stay trouble free forever. Homes wear down, things break, and eventually, something you never expected to have to repair or replace makes its way into the life of the Happy Homeowner.

Why do you need my email address?

Your email address is one way that we track the first two free uses. It is also the way we will notify you if there are any updates to the TOOL in the coming months. Most importantly, it is the place where the PDF version of your inspection report will be sent. Please note: we do NOT retain any of the inspection information you have answered as you go through the house; the inspection you have completed is your personal inspection opinion. We do not collect the data for statistical information or research data and we cannot reproduce a report for you in any way. So please, if you lose a report or use an email address that is not really yours because you want privacy, understand that no matter how many requests you make to us to provide a copy of your inspection, we just won’t be able to do it.


Sounds like you may have your next best friend for going through Open Houses, right?


Let us know what you think after you’ve used the Personal Home Inspection Tool…and if you want more info about why we think you should look at the various questions…. please look through out blog posts for the scoop!



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